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  • 30 Pourmousa St., Somayeh St., Villa St.,
    Tehran - Iran

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  • Familiar strangers
    Gelareh Espomahali
    25 August-15 September,2023

    In this series of drawings and paintings, women look anxious yet very dynamic. They are living in absurd states they go their own way, an unusual and ambiguous way which turns out to be surprisingly practical, because, fortunately, it is not clear how the world works. Colors intensify the critical state caused by the presence of female figures who are being controlled by each other’s behaviors and look entangled in a magnetic orbit. I created these drawings during isolated and dull periods in an attempt to portray figures in surprised situations rather than modeled ones. Through the process, I had been repeating to myself: Are angels and magics real? Or to what extent rationality is capable of leading our lives? What belief helps those living in the most challenging conditions move forward? When does the body crumble under the weight of life and if not, how does it look in those times? Crazy? Senseless? Smart or stupid? Rebellious? Pathetic and tragic? We lose our senses and get carried away by love which is a disastrous and tough moment. I have tried to share some overwhelming seconds called life endlessly limited within bodies. It requires thousands of images and narratives. However, capturing the moment is more important to me than the creation of the image itself.

    Gelareh Espomahali