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  • 30 Pourmousa St., Somayeh St., Villa St.,
    Tehran - Iran

    +98 21 8880 9808
  • Soo Contemporary is a contemporary art gallery in Tehran, Iran. While mainly focusing on showcasing the youngest generations of Iranian artists, fresh talents, cutting-edge media and new genres, Soo also seeks to promote its spectrum of interest in more traditional media as well as emerging and more established artists.

    With a multifaceted program that includes smaller-scale installations, site-specific projects, larger exhibitions, and multimedia and audiovisual events, Soo caters to the discerning audience base of Tehran’s vibrant art scene. Established in 2017 by director Shirin Gharavisky, after two years of working at an interim space in the northern neighborhoods of the city, Soo moved to its current permanent venue in downtown Tehran, which was under renovation.

    With a total of 160sqm of dedicated exhibition space across two main floors, a cafe accommodating visitors, artworks and temporary installations, an open courtyard, and a rooftop with open access, Soo Contemporary provides ample space for artists to extensively showcase their work, creating exciting projects for the audience to experiences.

    #30, Pourmousa St. Somayeh St., Villa Street
    Tehran- Iran


    Sunday to Thursday, 11am–7pm
    Friday, 4pm–8pm
    Closed on Saturday

    Soo Community is an initiative by Soo Contemporary defined as the gallery’s outreach into art forms and practices that are not conventionally not hosted or presented by artistic institutions. From Tehran’s vibrant graffiti and street art scene, to underground music, performances, acts, and experimental architecture, Soo Community brings together a set of artists that would not otherwise be part of a gallery’s program. Nevertheless, as the programming at Soo Contemporary has been heavily inspired by such sub-cultures and micro-cultures, presenting such projects has been a key objective of Soo since the very beginning. Soo Community is an effort in this direction, aimed at contextualizing such genres and establishing a unique set of events and projects that are independent from the gallery’s main exhibitions.

    The first series of Soo Community programing includes five projects. Three of these projects have been undertaken and the remaining two are scheduled for the future.

    The first project hosted by Soo Community was presented on July 30, 2020. It was a graffiti project by artists Bardia Gilani and Parsa Golnari at a water canal in Tehran. The project was creatively documented by Mohammadreza as a short film.

    The second project, hosted on June 10, 2021, focused on graffiti and performance. Two graffiti artists, Xamoush and Hoshvar, created a large mural in an abandoned building in downtown Tehran, and two video artists, Ghazal and Iman, made two videos of the event. The graffiti work was a tribute to the renowned Iranian rapper Yas, one of the very few rappers who are still based inside the country.

    The third event, which was a larger event hosted at Soo Contemporary on July 29, 2021, included a live audio-visual performance and an audience. Sound artist Sisan, visual artist Bigzand, and graffiti artist Bam Bam collaborated to create a unique experience for the attendants.


    #30, Pourmousa St. Somayeh St., Villa Street, Tehran- Iran