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  • 30 Pourmousa St., Somayeh St., Villa St.,
    Tehran - Iran

    +98 21 8880 9808
  • Soo Contemporay

    The contemporary art collection of “Soo” was established in 2016.Capability, enthusiasm and the new vision adopted by recent generations of Iranian visual artists moved us to introduce an apt cultural ground leveled to young artists’ esprit and therefore to account their energy and visual taste for the main pillars of the gallery.In “Soo”, we are intending to present young artists in their own form and technics respect. Also, redefining some of generally accepted expressions and views regarding the new generation, we are ready to tread our paths through their personal world. “Soo” contemporary art gallery is situated in Tehran downtown. City dynamism and the racket going all around the gallery building, contrasting the exhibition of art works substantively thought-evoking which exist inside the gallery, build up the spirit.

    “Soo” provides an ambiance for constant cooperation, activism and creating opportunity to make change regarding artists’ ideas. We are to offer a terrain for idea exchange and launching controversial discussions on today’s art through selected collective programs, publishing printed text-oriented projects and education.
    “Soo” promotes empiricism, experimenting and bravery in art.
    Here we create an opportunity, far from sexism and in an open atmosphere, for upstart artists, known artists, researchers, curators and writers to freely express whatever inside/outside the conventional frames.

    The current 70-year-old premises of “Soo” contemporary art gallery was bought by Shirin Gharavisky in 2017, and took a year to be reconstructed. Meanwhile, a great hurdle was to overcome in providing a place apt for artworks exhibition while maintaining the building’s identity itself.
    “Soo” opens to College bridge and is in a short distance from Ferdowsi square. Throughout Qajar era and the beginning of Tehran’s growth, this zone used to be the heart of the city, which still relentlessly is. Especially during recent years that this central part of the city has been a cradle for critical artistic and cultural activities, so “Soo”‘s geographic location is no exception.
    It is completely normal that our focus is upon artists and their works. However, artworks and the gallery building cope well.
    A new lively life has stemmed from the revival of this 70-year-old building: the indefatigable mansion of “Soo”

    #30, Pourmousa St. Somayeh St., Villa Street
    Tehran- Iran


    Sunday to Thursday, 11am–7pm
    Friday, 4pm–8pm
    Closed on Saturday


    #30, Pourmousa St. Somayeh St., Villa Street, Tehran- Iran