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  • ‏Bygone Glory
    Sale Sharifi
    30 Oct – 16 Nov, 2020

    Soo Contemporary presents a solo exhibition of works by Sale Sharifi titled “Bygone Glory” . The exhibition will open on Friday, October 30, 2020, and will be on view until November 16.
    The exhibition includes 21 paintings with watercolor, oil and pastel techniques on cardboard and canvas . In addition to paintings , the artist will display his study of the “ponds” as an interdisciplinary installation in this exhibition.
    Salé Sharifi (b. in 1989, Tehran) is a graduate of painting from the Tehran Fine Art School and then at the Azad University of Tehran. He has had five solo exhibitions in Tehran since 2010 and his works have been screened in several group shows in Tehran, Geneva, Munich, Stockholm, Dubai and Istanbul.

    My interest in history has always been instructive and motivating for me.
    This collection started from this interest. In this way, the presence of “Howz” in some historical narrations attracted my attention.
    On the other hand, the Howz, whose fountain is open, has a repetitive cycle that, although beautiful, is completely absurd! And it reminded me of “us”.
    The Howz, whose fountain is off, does not even have the same cycle of repetition, and is on par with the passivity that reminded me of “us.”
    The inseparability of the Howz from garden fascinated me to Iranian garden.
    The theme of the garden is amazing considering its thousands of years old in this land.
    In a nutshell, the establishment of gardens in a water-scarce country, or the relationship between the garden and paradise, the sultan and the god, needs to be examined in detail.
    In this collection, I have removed the mansions so that the gardens dominate by images, However, basically, each work is influenced by a place and has references to events, happenings or personalities from the socio-political history of Iran. Everything revolves around a general content: what was glorious is no more. bygone glory.