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  • Year Zero
    Azadeh Barbad
    November 24-December 15,2023

    Year Zero begins with the end of everything.
    The end of whatever exists.
    The destruction and ruin of everything previously built.
    Complete destruction, to zero, for a new foundation.
    The new foundation begins with the removal of the beginning.
    Removal of excess.
    Excess must be removed to make room for new forces.
    The presence of the future is made possible by the removal of the past.
    The future must be constructed.
    In Year Zero, everything begins from nothing.
    Guides are the illuminators of the path of dark creation.
    Guides are learners.
    Learners must be the eyes and ears.
    Everything must be defined from zero.

    Everything must be learned from nothing.
    Learners must arrive at everything anew.
    Travelers have reached the path of creation.
    The arrived are the wise of the new world.
    With new definitions of everything.
    With a new perspective on everything.
    Free from the bonds of old age, history, and memory.
    The creators of Year Zero.
    Year Zero is a beginning of an end.
    An end to everything that has been.
    The destruction and ruin of everything previously built and everything that was to be built.
    Complete annihilation.
    To zero.
    To the end.