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  • Letter to the father
    Hanie Homauni
    25 August-15 September,2023

    My opinion is that there is something unusual in our relationship, if you believe that, then we agree on that and maybe we can come to a conclusion. You believed that things might have been different, you might have been absolutely right, But I would like to call you back to a new understanding so that we may come to some sort of reconciliation and get out of this suspended state, though it is now a little late.
    You have certainly closed my path with an admirable intention to open the path you want to lead me. Thank you, for you didn’t seem to be very aware of my misery. Although we rarely spoke to each other, you were right in all cases, because you were immersed in your suffering, and you didn’t see me, and I became a nostalgic, negligent and disobedient child and still I’m the one who always thinks of ways to escape, and maybe escape into myself, and so you suffered and I suffered.The battle between us is over and what remains is grief ,hardship ,and inner quarrel for me. We can get close, I don’t know what was able to deprive us of the joy of coordinating between father and child, but I think that the same detour that contradicted your opinion can still bring us closer together. I have made very little effort for our relation, many things convince me that these efforts are of little gain, yet I consider it my duty to take care of these gains, however little, but I believe that by the corrections that are being made I am made to be of These achievements will be born, a correction that I cannot and do not want to go into details, I will reach a favorable result to calm down a bit

    Hanie Homauni