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  • 30 Pourmousa St., Somayeh St., Villa St.,
    Tehran - Iran

    +98 21 8880 9808
  • Mehrdad Jafari

    (b.1985, Mazandaran, Behshahr, Iran) He has graduated in handicrafts from Shiraz arts university and started his career in 2014 with the exhibition Panah. He has established the basis and methods of his work upon empiricism and improvisation which provide the opportunity to freely use different tools and materials. Human interconnections are an important part of his works. In addition to numerous collective and individual exhibitions, he has been holding mental sketches workshops.

    Artist Cv: 

    Mehrdad Jafari
    b. 1984 Behshahr, Mazandaran
    Lives and works in Tehran, Iran.

    2008. B.A in Handicrafts, Shiraz University

    Solo Exhibition
    2004. Mani Art Gallery. Shiraz, Iran.
    2005. Zarif Art Gallery. Shiraz, Iran.
    2013. “Refuge”. Mehrva Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
    2014. “The dark room” Mehrva Art gallery, Tehran, Iran.
    2020. “A recycling of shadows” Soo contemporary gallery, Tehran, Iran.

    Group Exhibition
    2009. “4-4”. Behshahr, Mazandaran, Iran.
    2013. Advertising, Shiraz Cafe gallery, Tehran, Iran.
    2013. 7 Samar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
    2013. Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
    2013. Hoom Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
    2015. “Cactus”, Dena Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
    2015. “Angels, Saints and Co”, Aaran Art Gallery Tehran, Iran.