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  • 30 Pourmousa St., Somayeh St., Villa St.,
    Tehran - Iran

    +98 21 8880 9808
  • Nature, Abstraction
    Two Person show
    June 18 – July 9, 2021

    The first step is what we both have in common: Nature.
    Our quest and deeds in order to reach the image initiates from nature, leading us to our destined conclusion through a different passageway!
    “Nature, Abstraction” stemmed from observing nature, developed in the course of our sharing the same atelier which lasted for two years. Layer upon layer, paper on another piece of paper, a splash on other splashes, material-oriented experiences, one more freely lived here, another more cautiously there; replete with chemistry and difference, while basically our look was fixed on nature.

    Installation View:

    Press release:
    A joint exhibition of artworks from Ofogh Hosseini and Negin Sadaf, under the title of “Nature, Abstract” is running in Soo contemporary arts gallery, June 18th to July 9th, 2021.
    This joint exhibition intends to present 14 works from Ofogh Hosseini and 13 from Negin Sadaf.
    Two years of workshop companionship between Ofogh and Negin, and this collection was born. A touch of meditation in this exhibition will reveal common points as well as differences in the works of these two artists that have led to extra magnetism of “Nature, Abstract”.
    Ofogh Hosseini focuses on artworks on small pieces of paper; in the same way, no side of her artworks exceeds 40 centimeters. She puts great scrupulosity and sensitivity in the creation of images, her works are sketch-based and the bottom line is that nature plays a crucial role in Ofogh’s artworks. Whenever need be, Ofogh resorts to applying collage, oil color, or paint. However, she strictly avoids going to extremes in using material, in favor of accentuating the theme she expects to reach in the final work.
    It is mainly on paper that Negin Sadaf’s artworks are created, only in her case, there is no size limit. An inclination to choosing bigger sizes is clear, though. She, too, has chosen nature as the main subject in her artworks, dragging nature’s purest element towards abstraction so much that we take this “abstraction” for the main actor in her works’ scene rather than familiar forms. Negin uses her materials with passion, putting no part of her work under leash. The most notable technique she benefits from is collage and a designer’s spirit reigns the outcome of her works.
    In the end, it is to notice that both artists, regardless of their occidental approach in art, give birth to illustrations that remind us of Orient, the cultural sphere from Middle East to Far East.
    Simultaneously, an online tour for visiting the artworks in the “Nature, Abstract” collection is available in addition to the real exhibition.