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  • 30 Pourmousa St., Somayeh St., Villa St.,
    Tehran - Iran

    +98 21 8880 9808
  • Obscure Element
    Anahita Shahamati
    11 – 29 September, 2020.

    This project started as a quest to find intriguing materials and utilizing their emotive and expressive potential to create compositions that speak to my senses and sensitivities.
    A heterogeneous selection of elements that were collected from nature, bazaars and the studio, are the main resource for this series. Elements that have captured me because of their characters, scientific qualities and fresh possibilities. I arranged these bits and pieces into bouquets of colors and shapes made of industrial and organic materials, some handmade, some raw. Another part of this series start as recycled or ready-mades and then are applied with a hide of their own. It is an endeavor to carefully meditate on the feel of objects and find the animal and organic potential that can be turned into sculptures .Coming from a medical background, using soft looking materials for my first exhibition has helped me relieve some of the tension and gave an insight into my own state of mind, catching a glimpse of the visual world I want to make around myself.

    Anahita Shahamati