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  • Resurrection

    The concept “Memento mori” has its roots in the philosophers of classical antiquity and Christianity, and appeared in funerary art and architecture from the medieval period onwards The most common motif in a «Memento mori» painting is human skull, but other motifs such as hourglass, candles, wilting flowers and fruits are also frequently included to signify the inevitability of death as well as the impermanence, instability and fragility of human life. These symbols often function within a work whose main subject is something else such as portraits. The present series is based on patterns of recurring figurative forms. Considering the concept of «Momento mori» the “Resurrection” series is a contemporary attempt to revive this genre in painting. In addition, since restating the old subject matters in a new way is one of the countless possibilities of today›s art, the elements used in these works are borrowed from some renowned paintings in art history, and they repeat the eternal mystery of death and resurrection in the decorative structure of patterns.