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  • 30 Pourmousa St., Somayeh St., Villa St.,
    Tehran - Iran

    +98 21 8880 9808
  • Sedigar
    One-person exhibition
    26 August – 16 September

    One of the first methods of humans to communicate with each other was ideography. An abstract way between image and word. Drawing minimal and symbolic shapes until they become words and language. Between the line and the image there is another stage where “Sedigar” is, where I walked and stood. I was a traveler to a place beyond a known geography and a particular language, the meeting point of East and West. A point in the middle of the 3 holy and perfect gangs, which is one of the philosophical archetypes and human worldview. In this collection, I decided to describe my journey to the world of symbols and archetypes of different ancient cultures , to my experiences wandering in the streets and alleys of this city and the seemingly modern world.