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  • 30 Pourmousa St., Somayeh St., Villa St.,
    Tehran - Iran

    +98 21 8880 9808
  • The Runner
    Mohammad Ramshe
    One-person exhibition
    26 August – 16 September, 2022

    The runner
    A Marathon runner runs a long distance without interruption, in his ideal condition he doesn’t stop, he doesn’t pause, he just keeps going. His muscles are synchronized with his behavior and fall into a constant repetition. Because of the length of his path, he digests the path, becomes one with the path, and after this harmony, he walks as if he were seeking to discover himself.
    Painting, for me, is the equivalent of a marathon. Even in a stricter view, I see life as aligned with running. On this path, I observe tons of images, some of which stay in and even become one with me. I try to get closer to the people in the images in the most inner way possible, think about their complex lives and what went on to them, and translate my understanding into a painting.
    The path taught me to turn to flowers for my curiosity about color, although later I found flowers as reminders to friends. In this repeated and continuous behavior, there is no reward or end defined for me.
    This is a collection of my recent attempts under the influence of various factors that became one with me along the way.

    Mohamad Ramshe-Instalation view