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  • The Witch

    Oh Sahereh show me
    Sahereh is made out of interaction and companionship of three artists.
    The artworks which all discuss the same abject.the main principle of the companions is nature.It endeavour to cover everything and under different time and circumstances shows various behaviours and displays them under different aspects.
    Sometimes it is famous for its fertility and other times it is famous for its destruction.
    ‘Sahereh’ is looking for this contradiction which is hidden in the heart of the leads to creation and destruction and puts all these under its heading.
    This endless magic binds Sahereh “to show”
    Sahereh has unveiled this contradiction and hurries towards it.
    Parmis Fakhra’s paintings studies changes in rhyme and texture of nature and finds continuous connection between all affairs.
    Manifestation and glory of this connection can be found in both simultaneous peace and chaos of the nature.she distances from using adjectives such as beautiful or ugly and endeavours to put all these next to each other.
    Aghigh Afkhami’s video displays man’s confusion in nature and also deals with space built by mankind.This confusion stems from human endurance against mortality.
    This is against nature behaviour and causes a precarious and uncertain relationship between mankind and nature.
    In the end,this encounter and controversy moves towards a balance in itself.
    Mehrnaz Akbari’s paintings is an illustration of the wide scenery which shows its magnificence at the first encounter and there after takes action in making a series of detailed happening.the cycle tries to show issues such as life and death in a dreamy atmosphere.
    Amir Esfandiari
    Winter-Spring 2022

    Parmis Fakhra, Mehrnaz Akbari, Aghigh Afkhami