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  • 30 Pourmousa St., Somayeh St., Villa St.,
    Tehran - Iran

    +98 21 8880 9808
  • The representation of one portrait
    Solo exhibition
    31 jul – Aug 18, 2020.

    In storytelling, movement and travel from point to point are desirable to me, but in painting I like stillness. Movement creates story, and I am disinterested in narrator and storyteller painting. I am fascinated by my image because it does not move, does not do anything, and sitting or standing, does not move from its place forever. I love paintings that have nothing to say.
    However, there is also a secret movement in the image. Perhaps I want to draw this continuous and invisible movement like a recording device by repeating over and over again. I often do not succeed, but it is extremely sweet to me; Like a seismic device, a fault that is unable to record earthquakes, but the earthquake shakes it anyway.